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Overseas Pet Transport

With varied Country, Airline and Government requirements it is best to make contact with VenturePet as early as possible to discuss your individual pet travel needs. This may include Import Permits, MPI/Vet Health Certificates and specific cage types.

Navigating the red tape of international travel can be stressful - let the experts give you peace of mind.

Some dog breeds are banned from travelling internationally, to specific countries, and on certain airlines (eg, snub-nosed/brachycephalic). Please contact VenturePet if you require verification.

We can arrange your international pet transport and travel from Wellington and Auckland.

We have happy customers all over the world from Africa to the Pacific Islands, the UK to Australia.

We arrange the international travel for your pets so the whole family can arrive safely with the least amount of stress on all. Read some of the great things our happy families say about working with VenturePet.