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What you need to know about pet transport

Crates & Cages

VenturePet supply (in conjunction with pet travel booking) travel cages for all sized pets compliant with I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association), Airline, Country and Government Rules and regulations. Dogs and cats come in many sizes as do the cages VenturePet provide.

Your pet’s weight and the following measurements determine cage size:

A – Length – Tip of nose to base of tail (exclude tail)
B – Height – Ground to top of head (exclude ears)
C – Width – Across shoulders (straight line)

All International Travel Cages are fitted with a water container for the journey. No feeding during travel.

Pets must be secure and comfortable in their travel cage. VenturePet insure their travel cage is fully complient at check-in

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Check-in information

Leading up to Check-In:

  • DO NOT feed your pet within 6 hours of flight (food cannot travel with your pet).
  • DO provide access to clean water (water container fitted to inside of travel cage with external access).
  • DO keep your pet in a controlled environment leading up to check-in.
  • DO ensure your pet has access to toileting facilities (litter tray for cats/grassed area for dogs).
  • DO exercise your dog with a brisk walk prior to check-in.
  • DO keep your pet as calm as possible prior to check-in.

Required by the Airline and VenturePet at Check-In:

  • Ensure your pet has been toileted and where possible exercised.
  • You can provide suitable soft bedding based on the size of your pet – small towel/t-shirt (cats) and towel (small dogs)/blanket (large dogs) or check with VenturePet.
  • Only pets that are in good health and condition and are fit to travel to their destination will be accepted by the airline at check-in.

Tranquillisation & Sedation

Tranquillisation and sedation is not permitted by airlines for cats and dogs. Calming medication and homeopathic alternatives are available from your Vet or local pet store.

Always contact your pets veterinarian should you be concerned about reaction to air travel. They are the medical professionals for your pets. Medical conditions need to be advised to VenturePet, (i.e. arthritis/medication).


The information provided in this website is only intended to be general for the pet owner and may change at any time. Please always contact VenturePet directly for up to date information relative to your pets own travel situation.

Airlines and VenturePet always reserve the right to alter flight bookings, when deemed necessary, while still retaining pet safety and well-being at all times.


Once you have decided on your relocation plans contact VenturePet.  International bookings should be placed as early as possible to ensure airline, country and veterinary regulations are complied with.

All flights are booked and confirmed with the airline prior to departure. While VenturePet can suggest flight options it will ultimately be the airlines decision as to which flight your pet may travel on.

You know your pet best so always consider their reaction to what you are arranging for them and let us know of any concerns you may have.

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